Back in 2019 I bought a nice Makita miter saw, since I was doing some renovations on our summer house. It was a lot of fun building but I quickly realised that I spent a whole lot of time measuring what length to cut planks, and the setting the correct angle on the saw. And in 30% of the cases it still turned out wrong, so I had to redo them. This got me thinking, we have CNC now for all types of machines, not least mills and and laser cutters. Why doesn't there exist a CNC miter saw, that lets you just click on a screen how long you want the board to be, and what angles the ends to be?

After some research I realised this did not exist for the "normal" person, only as huge industrial equipment.

So I decided to take on the challenge of designing and building a prototype for doing all these thing. Since I currently live in an inner city appartment, my tool park is limitied to 3D printers, a CNC router (mill), a laser cutter and hand tools. But as for building a prototype, this is enough :)

Please join me in the process where I work on develop SawNC, the world's first desktop CNC circle saw.

Recent progress